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A world created in eight bilingual stories that Edwards dreamed, mused, told, and wrote while a bilingual storyteller at Library of San Juan Capistrano. "The stories are first told in English and then in Spanish; they are illustrated throughout by the author so exquisitely. The pictures alone make it a pleasurable and entertaining read, but the stories themselves are delightful."
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Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet

The idea behind "Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet" is that one would partner with a person speaking the second language, in this case Spanish, and repeat the sounds of their alphabet and the corresponding illustrated words. The idea is to learn the sounds of each others' language with the assistance of another native speaker using cognates.

Plans are in the works for even more languages!

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Village Stories 2015: An Anthology of Stories, Poems, and Memoirs

There is little that tickles our imagination more than a tale well told. There are many storytellers in Laguna Woods, and even more stories to tell—big and small, fact and fiction, poetry and prose. This first anthology from the Village Publishers Club comprises thirty-four stories, memoirs, or poemsthat will make you laugh, cry, think, wonder, or simply enjoy the moment.

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Village Stories 2017: An Anthology of Stories, Poems, and Memoirs

This volume comprises 67 stories, poems, and memoirs written by 26 members of the Publishing Club of Laguna Woods. Many contributors to this book are established authors, and some are award-winning writers or poets. Others have just published their first book, or are still writing, or perhaps have included the only story they wish to tell.

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Village Stories 2016: An Anthology of Stories, Poems, and Memoirs

There is an inevitable hushing and shushing when someone offers to tell us a tale. Most of us have at least one good story to share, whether fact or fiction; fatalistic or funny; spoken, enacted, or sung. Village Stories 2016 is our second annual anthology, comprising 66 stories, poems, and memoirs written by 30 members of the Village Publishing Club.

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Village Stories 2018: An Anthology of Stories, Poems, and Memoirs

The Publishing Club of Laguna Woods shows that the art of storytelling is as strong as ever with 25 authors and poets, and 67 individual works in a kaleidoscope of fact, fiction, poetry, and memoirs. The anthology also includes a section with recipes evoked by the accompanying stories. We hope you will enjoy them with friends as you share stories of your own.