Peggy P Edwards

Bilingual Educator, Author, IIlustrator, Anthologist, Editor, and President of the Publishing Club of Laguna Woods Village

Raised bilingual, Peggy P. Edwards started teaching English in Mexico at just seven, where her students told her their stories in Spanish and she translated them into English. At 18, she came to the U.S. and graduated from Southern Methodist University, with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Latin American Affairs. After spending time as an airline attendant, she landed back on earth, married, and had two children

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Edwards got her M.A. in Language and Literature from University of Wisconsin, as well as a Teaching Certificate, allowing her to pursue her dream career as an educator. As part of her teaching career, she was commissioned by the Library of San Juan Capistrano to be its sole Bilingual Storyteller. While Edwards loved the people and opportunities there, she found few original stories in Spanish, and so decided to write her own, compiling them in her first self-illustrated book, Lalalandia.

"Lalalandia is a world created in eight bilingual stories.
Lalalandia is about a land that should be.
It's about a land that was saved by music,
and by the magical and brilliant Solati Doremi."
- Peggy Edwards

In her years as educator teaching bilingual children the alphabet in both English and Spanish, Edwards saw a need for an alphabet that could cross over from English to Spanish, or Spanish to English, and she saw the way to do it with cognates. So she conceived, wrote, and self-illustrated her next book, Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet , offering educators everywhere a tool to help children of all ages.


Edwards is also the President of the Publishing Club of Laguna Woods Village in Orange County, CA, a group of more than 50 published authors. Besides assisting most of these authors in extracting, forming, and writing their own stories, the Village Publishing Club helped get them all published in four anthologies, Village Stories, all co-edited by Edwards.

She remains a lifelong educator, even today acting as the ukulele teacher at Laguna Woods Village, where she lives with her husband and her cat Karma, who appears in illustrations in both Lalalandia and Alfabeto Crossover Alphabet.